Abstract Submission Deadline: June 30, 2023


Abstract Deadline : June 30, 2023

Selected abstracts will be published on SIU Academy in ePoster format.

To ensure your abstract is eligible for submission, please take a few moments to review the guidelines and sample abstract below :

  1. Submission Categories and Educational Objectives
  2. Rules for Authors
  3. Preparation of Abstracts
  4. Video Submissions
  5. Late Breaking Abstracts

1. Submission Categories and Educational Objectives

The 2023 Congress Learning Objectives can be found here:

Submissions may be made to one of the following categories

  • SIU 2023 Regular Abstract Submission

Presentation category options are as follows. Users may request one option. All submissions for moderated sessions will be selected based on SIU Needs Assessment analysis and preference will be given to the topics which will best serve the educational needs of attendees :

Moderated Oral ePoster
Live oral presentation on-site at congress during the moderated topic session in front of moderators and includes a live Q&A with the presenting author.

Unmoderated Standard ePoster
Standard ePoster presented on an interactive screen on-site and online on the SIU Academy. A voice over of maximum 3-minutes may be added after acceptance.

Moderated Video ePoster
Video presented on-site at congress during the moderated video session in front of moderators and includes a live Q&A with the presenting author. MP4 format required.

Unmoderated Video ePoster
Video ePoster of maximum 7-minutes, presented on an interactive screen on-site and online on the SIU Academy. MP4 format required.

2. Rules for Authors

Prior Publication of Material
The SIU Congress is a forum for the presentation of novel research findings. The work covered by the abstract must not have been published (manuscript or abstract) before October 11, 2023. If the work has been presented at another meeting, the author must disclose when and where it was presented (during submission process), so that the Abstract Review Committee can make its decision based on all available details.

The SIU is committed to offering participants an open forum for scientific discussion, wherein all scientists and clinicians are invited to contribute actively. To preserve this valuable environment, the SIU urges all presenters to avoid statements, symbols or other displays that are subjective and unscientific in nature.

Registration and Expenses
Abstract status notifications will be sent to all submitters in June. Abstract presenters will be required register before the regular registration deadline, August 29, 2023. Abstract presenters will be required to register by date as indicated in notification email. After this date presenting authors who have not paid their registration fees will be excluded from the programme as well as from the SIU Abstract Book and publication on SIU Academy. No exceptions will be granted.

  • Presenting Authors must register for the in-person meeting.

All expenses such as registration, visa, airfare, lodging, etc. associated with the submission and presentation of an abstract are the responsibility of the presenter.

For visa requirements, visit the Türkiye Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage. SIU encourages all participants to start the visa application process early to avoid disappointment.

Failure to Present
Should the author (or a designated co-author) of an accepted abstract fail to present the work as scheduled, subsequent abstracts submitted by the individual will be flagged to the scientific committee as coming from a prior "no-show presenter" and will be judged accordingly. This could result in the non-acceptance of future submissions at SIU meetings.

Abstract Acceptance
Each abstract will be blinded and scored by up to three reviewers. Abstracts will be accepted on the basis of scientific merit.
While abstracts may be submitted as moderated or unmoderated, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to assign final presentation categories in the best interest of the programme.

Abstract Revisions
Abstracts may not be revised or resubmitted after the deadline.

Abstract Withdrawal
Abstract withdrawals may be made directly in the submission portal until June 1, 2023. After this date, please submit abstract withdrawal requests in writing by August 29, 2023.

Change of Presenting Author
Changed may be made directly in the submission portal until June 1, 2023. After this date, please submit requests in writing by August 29, 2023. After this date, changes will no longer appear in the SIU Congress materials.
Requests for changes to presenting author may be accepted only if the new presenting author is already listed on the original submission as an author. Authors may NOT be added after review to accommodate presenters.

Publication and Copyright
Selected accepted abstracts will be published on SIU Academy as an ePoster with optional voice-over as well as a supplement of SIUJ. Publications of abstracts on SIU Academy and SIUJ implies transfer of copyright of the article to the Publisher. This will ensure the widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws.
Should the author wish to reuse the submission at later events/publications, permission should be requested for publication with the following statement: "This abstract was presented at the 43rd Congress of the Société Internationale d’Urologie (Türkiye, 2023). All rights reserved. Reused with permission.”
By submitting an abstract, the submitter (and its co-authors) agree to the conditions specified in the guidelines.

3. Preparation of Abstracts

Abstracts must be written and presented in English. Careful typing and proofreading is essential. If accepted, the abstract will be published as submitted. Errors, misspellings, incorrect hyphenation, and deviations from the use of correct English will be glaringly apparent in the published abstract. Once the abstract is submitted, changes, corrections or rewording will not be possible. Presenters are requested to devote the necessary attention to language. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts which are presented in poor English or to request an immediate revision.

Word Count
Abstracts will not exceed 350 words. Deduct 50 words for each table or graph included (maximum of 1 page on US Letter, 8.5 x 11-inch paper).

Images, Tables and Graphs
Tables, Graphs or Charts should be uploaded as a separate file in their original format. Acceptable file types: Excel, SVP, Word. EPS or AI may be uploaded as a zip file. (Maximum of 1 page on US Letter, 8.5 x 11-inch paper). If the Tables/Graphs submitted exceed 1 page, those exceeding the limit will be excluded from publication.
Images should be JPG files only of the highest resolution possible (minimum 300 dpi and at least 1500 pixels wide). DO NOT embed images into a word file; provide the original file as a separate document.
Any files that are not usable, will be excluded from publication. For more details, view the file guidelines.

Topic Area
To ensure that your abstract receives proper scientific consideration, be sure to submit to the appropriate topic/subtopic category.

Title of Abstract
Your abstract must have a short, specific title (no abbreviations) that indicates the nature of the investigation. Please use title case.
Example: "Complications in Laparoscopic Transperitoneal Partial Nephrectomy."
Consult Sample Abstract for additional information.

Abstracts MUST include the following four distinct sections :
- Introduction and Objectives
- Materials and Methods
- Results
- Conclusion

Drug Names
Use generic drug names.

Standard abbreviations may be used without definition. Nonstandard abbreviations should be kept to a minimum and placed in parentheses after the first use of the word or phrase.

Do not include references, credits or grant support.

Author Names and Affiliations
Author names and affiliations should not be present in the abstract title and abstract content as the abstract must be blinded for review.
List of authors: Do NOT include the authors list directly with your abstract. Only submit this information on the online authors form. There is only one presenting author permitted per submission.
Spelling : If an author's name appears on more than one abstract, it must be identical on each abstract in order to ensure proper indexing.

Human Experimentation
Any human experimentation conducted as part of the submitted abstract(s) must follow the protocol approved by the institutional or local committee on ethics in human investigation; or, if no such committee exists, the investigation should have been conducted in accordance with the principles of the World Medical Association’s Helsinki Declaration. The Scientific Committee may inquire further into ethical aspects when evaluating the abstract(s).

Abstract Data
Abstracts that describe single clinical cases, or investigations of compounds that involve inadequate numbers of study subjects or abstracts that lack quantitative data will not be accepted. Authors should not "split" data to create several abstracts from one. If splitting is judged to have occurred, priority scores of related abstracts will be reduced.
Abstracts containing identical or nearly identical data submitted from the same institution (and/or individuals) describing the same study population will be disqualified. Statements such as "results will be discussed" will automatically disqualify the abstract. Reviewers require specific data on which to base their evaluation.

4. Video Submissions

MP4 Files are required.

Name the video file with your Submission ID and Abstract Title. (Within the abstract submission portal, select the ‘save as draft’ option to obtain your submission ID number.)
Example: "0011- Complications in Laparoscopic Transperitoneal Partial Nephrectomy"


  • Videos must be uploaded prior to the submission deadline in order to be considered for review.
  • The video submission must include an abstract.
  • All videos must be in the final format.
  • Maximum duration of the video is 7 minutes.
  • The video must include English commentary.
  • The video must be blinded for review; no author names, patient names, affiliations, or faces should be visible.

If copyrighted music is included in the video production, the submitter must first receive permission from the copyright owner(s) to use the music for educational purposes.

5. Reviewing / Grading

Your abstract will be reviewed with the following criteria in mind :

  • Is the design of the study valid ?
  • Are the methods appropriate ?
  • What is the significance of the results ?
  • Is the event described in the case report significant ?

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